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First of all, For the fully working of digital compass tool, you need to enable your mobile's magnetic sensor. In some mobiles it is enabled by default but some mobiles do not allow their browsers to use the magnetic sensor(magnetometer).

For the enabling of magnetometer, Copy the below command and paste it in your browser search bar.

magnetometer sensor enabler

If you are using old version of chrome (less then 67) then you use this command to enable your magnetic sensor to use online compass "chrome://flags/#enable-generic-sensor" copy the above command and remove "extra-classes" then paste and run in chrome search bar and enable the magnetic sensor.

🧭Online Compass Live Direction | Get East West North South Directions

Welcome to, your premier destination for pinpointing directions effortlessly right from your browser. Our cutting-edge online compass is designed to guide you with precision, whether you're navigating bustling city streets or exploring the vast wilderness. We took online compass to your web browser. Now you can navigate easily and see directions with just one click. Learn how to read East, West, North, and South directions. Read the complete guide how online compass works:

What is is a tool which helps to get direction online using your browser. You donot need to download any compass app. It is a simple, secure tool without the need for app installations, It use your device's magnetometer for navigation. ​For your knowlege, it is not a traditional compass which have maginets. Actually it works with your location. First, it takes your location and then it starts showing geographical direction according to East, West North and South.

Discover the World with Live Compass

Our live compass transforms your device into a powerful navigation tool, leveraging advanced technology to provide real-time orientation. With good calibration, you can easily determine your current heading, ensuring you're always on the right path.

The Ultimate Direction Compass is more than just a tool. it's your personal guide in the digital age. Whether you're seeking north, south, east, or west, our direction compass provides accurate and live updates. It's perfect for adventurers, travelers, and anyone in need of reliable direction-finding.

How to Find North Direction?

To find north with online compass on your phone browser, open online compass and ensure your device is held flat and level. Look for the arrow or indicator on the screen that represents the direction of north. Align your phone screen with the ground, turning your body until the arrow points straight ahead. Once you align, the top of your phone will be facing north.

Can I use Online Compass to Find Direction?

Yes! You can use it as a navigational tool. online compass is like a helpful digital guide on your phone that shows you which way is north, south, east, and west. It uses a special sensor in your device, acting like a modern version of the old fashioned compass. It is cool because you do not need a physical compass. Your phone does the same job. But, There is one thing that it might not always be super exact, especially in places with magnetic stuff around. Some tools might ask you to do a little calibration to make sure the directions are right. It is awesome for finding your way in cities, wilderness or somewhere without internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I trust the accuracy of the online compass tool?

A: Absolutely! Our online compass is designed to provide accurate directional information. However, factors such as local magnetic interference or electronic devices nearby may affect readings. We recommend calibrating the compass and using it in open areas for the most precise results.

Q2. Is the online compass tool compatible with all devices and browsers?

A: Yes, our online compass is compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers, ensuring accessibility for users across various platforms. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can rely on our compass tool to provide accurate directional guidance directly from your browser.